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11.22.63. TV miniseries, 8 episodes. Created for television by Bridget Carpenter, who also worked on several scripts. From the novel by Stephen King. USA: Carpenter B, Bad Robot, Warner Bros. Television (production) / Hulu et al. (distribution), 2016. See IMDb at link for details on distribution and other complexities.[1] James Franco, star, director of one episode, producer (one of three). See Wikipedia for additional details on production, premise, plot, and reception.[2]

Significant here for what it's missing. This is a time-travel story without a time machine, just a tunnel that ends with a portal into the past, and the transition through the portal just a cinematic quick cut. In the episode "The Truth," the James Franco character in the 2016 present asks his high school class to do a thought experiment involving time-travel to the past, and the class nerd presses Franco on the mechanism, a question the Franco character dismisses as irrelevant, which both calls attention to the lack — at least so far — or mechanism in the series, and immunizes, so to speak, the show from attacks for the omission.

Cf. and definitely contrast The Time Tunnel.[3]

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