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Ackerman, Elliot, and James Stavridis. 2054. Westminster, London, UK; NYC: Penguin, 2024. Available in hard-copy, as an audiobook, and eBook. Sequel or something of a sequel to the two author's 2034.

From the publisher's initial summary, as of May 2024 available various places on the web:

From the [...] authors of [...] 2034 [...,] speculative fiction set twenty years further in the future, at a moment when a radical leap forward in artificial intelligence combines with America’s violent partisan divide to create an existential threat to the country, and the world.

It is twenty years after the catastrophic war between the United States and China that brought down the old American political order. A new party has emerged in the US, one that’s held power for over a decade. Efforts to cement its grip have resulted in mounting violent resistance. The American president has control of the media, but he is beginning to lose control of the streets. [...] Suddenly, he collapses in the middle of an address to the nation. After an initial flurry of misinformation, the administration reluctantly announces his death. A cover-up ensues, conspiracy theories abound, and the country descends into a new type of civil war.

A handful of elite actors from the worlds of computer science, intelligence, and business have a fairly good idea what happened. All signs point to a profound breakthrough in AI, of which the remote assassination of an American president is hardly the most game-changing ramification. The trail leads to an outpost in the Amazon rainforest, the last known whereabouts of the tech visionary who predicted this breakthrough. [...]

Combining a deep understanding of AI, biotech, and the possibility of a coming Singularity, along with their signature geopolitical sophistication, Elliot Ackerman and [retired] Admiral James Stavridis have once again written a visionary work. [...][1][2]

Among other things U.S. 4-star Admiral James Stavridis is retired from is Supreme Allied Commander NATO 2009-13.

For Artificial Intelligence and biotech combination, cf. Mustafa Suleyman's 2023 nonfiction book, The Coming Wave; for the Singularity, see the comments of Cory Doctorow and Vernor Vinge's "The Coming Technological Singularity."

In an interview with Fareed Zakaria — pushing 2054 — on Zakaria's GPS (CNN, 5 May 2024), Stavridis called attention to the current military capabilities of aerial and aquatic drones: small planes and boats, able to operate in swarms, with their lethality likely to increase radically with soon-arriving progress in AI.[3] Note Bruce Sterling's "Swarm", Stanislaw Lem's "The Upside-Down Evolution," and other works using the swarm motif.[4]

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