ANDROID (film)

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ANDROID. Aaron Lipstadt, dir. USA: Sho Films (prod.) / Island Alive & New Cinema (dist.), 1983 (release). James Reigle and Don Opper, script. Rupert Harvey, exec. prod., in association with Barry Opper. Klaus Kinski and Don Opper, stars.

The coming of age of the late-adolescent male, Max 404. Varies the pattern of the standard teen-exploitation movie: (1) the main setting is a highly mechanized, nearly deserted space station; (2) Max and the other two characters stationed at the station are humanoid robots; (3) ANDROID consciously revises F. Lang's Metropolis (q.v.) to yield a less sentimental ending—with Max and a female android "killing" the resident and ruling mad (android) scientist and escaping to Earth to join other rebellious androids. Discussed by V. Sobchack in Screening Space (see Sobchack's Index for Chapter 4).