A Grey Moon Over China

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Day, Thomas A. A Grey Moon Over China. Seattle, Washington: Black Heron Press, 2006. New York City: Tor, 2009.[1]

Reviewed by Andrew M. Kelly, SFRA Review #290 (Fall 2009): p. 13, who finds the novel "Military SF," but more to be "grouped with other novels who focus on character and a dark outlook on humanity’s nature over the technical aspects of space travel or the military." Of interest here for "a 'quantum battery,' a device that can apparently be manufactured with relative ease and output a huge amount of power[,] solving the energy crisis [...]"; and for the "passage into interstellar space via a 'Torus' a huge ring that has been constructed near Venus to propel ships at tremendous speed to new worlds." Note also a computer move that gets the quantum battery project classified "as DARPA’s number one priority."[2]

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