Adventures in The Dark Zone

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Adventures in The Dark Zone (vt Lexx: The Dark Zone and US only, Tales from a Parallel Universe). Paul Donovan, dir., prod., one of three writers. Canada: Salter Street Films / TiMe (Berlin). Showtime's The Movie Channel, July 1997. 135 min.

Made for TV space opera featuring the Lexx, a bio-engineered, "ten-kilometer-long living breathing insect outfitted for space travel": for a huge biomechanical combined with the insectoid, the bridge "a curious mixture of metal and organic material." See Cinefantastique 27.11-12 (July 1996): [18]-19, our source for the initial citation and whom we quote (which credits Robert Sigl as director); Cinefantastique 29.1 (July 1997): 54-55 for switch from straight Showtime to The Movie Channel and variant US subtitle; Cinefantastique 29.6/7 (Nov. 1997): 123, for rev. by Frederick C. Szebin (and credit for Paul Donovan as director). See TV show LEXX. (RDE, 03/06/96, 22/01/00)