All Is Full of Love

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Björk. "All Is Full of Love," dir. Chris Cunningham. Ca. 4 min. On All is full of love. Bjork [sic] Overseas Ltd./One Little Indian Ltd., 1999. DVD: New York: Elektra (Time-Warner), dist. "The copyright in this this recording is owned by Bjork Overseas Ltd. under license to One Little Indian Records and exclusively licensed to Elektra Entertainment Group for North America and Mother Records/PMV for the rest of the world excluding the UK and Iceland." Song on the album Homogenic (ELEKTRA/ASYLUM, 23 Sept. 1997).

Two industrial robots produce a singing female humanoid robot, who goes on to a lesbian love scene with another female robot, with assistance by the two industrial robots. Note high-Modernist design, strongly white—and liquid imagery, possibly water, or possibly an allusion to the fluid in the robots Ash and Bishop in ALIEN (film) and ALIENS (film). Cf. "The Sex Life of Robots," listed under Drama.

(RDE, 20/III/03, 5/IV/03, 27Dec14)