Allography and Allegory: Delany's SF

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Broderick, Damien. "Allography and Allegory: Delany's SF." Foundation 52 (Summer 1991): 30-42.

Primarily a close reading of Delany's The Einstein Intersection (1967): a book "where the myths of us vanished humans, or our technologically advanced descendants, are being run like demented computer programs (under the aegis of an actual computer complex called PHAEDRA) in the life-narratives of the beings which have been drawn from the other side of the universe into our mysterious absence." DB finds The Einstein Intersection "an allegory of reading—to be precise, of reading sf" but also "an enactment of Gödelian undecidability [sic], recast as a scientific 'metaphysical blueprint'" (32, quoting Nicholas Maxwell). CAUTION: Written in relatively simple High Theory, but still may be a problem for people without a background in recent philosophy. (RDE, 03/05/95)