American War: A Novel

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El Akkad, Omar (Omar El Akkad). American War: A Novel." 2017. Location complex: Macmillan-Picador, 2017. Available as an audiobook from[1]

Dystopian novel of climate disaster from global warming and future war — a second American Civil War (or continuation of the first) — for which see I. F. Clarke's 1966/1992 work Voices Prophesying War; cf. in some key points Frederik Pohl's The Cool War.[2]

As in The Cool War, fossil fuels are important (as is biological warfare). In American War the causes of the Southern secession are fairly complex (though race is elided in El Akkad's book), but the occasion for the second war, and for the book's relevance here, is the Federal prohibition of fossil fuels, most seen in rebel fuel-burning vehicles.

The book is also an indirect satire of US warfare against people's of what Englishfolk, Europeans, and Americans have often called "the Middle East" and environs, and those people's getting their revenge and return to their traditional place as a central power among humans.

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