An Archaeology of the Future: Ursula Le Guin and Anarcho-Primitivism

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Moore, John. "An Archaeology of the Future: Ursula Le Guin and Anarcho-Primitivism." Foundation #63 (Spring 1995): 32-39.[1]

Significant references to Le Guin's The Dispossessed but relevant here for discussion of her Always Coming Home, and how "Debates such as" those in Fifth Estate among contemporary anarchy-primitivists "clearly inform Le Guin's thinking in Always Coming Home" on technology as a system of organizing society and requiring a State (p. 35). Includes a significant quotation from an interview with Le Guin in which she comments on Always Coming Home as "a rather interesting work in the technological mode" (quoted on Moore p. 36from Across the Wounded Galaxies: Interviews with Contemporary America, ed. Larry McCaffery, U of Illinois Press — not Chicago as stated Moore's Notes, 1991).[2]

RDE, Initial Compiler, 6May19