Approaching Neuromancer: Guide to Neuromancer

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Erlich, Richard D.. "Approaching Neuromancer: Guide to Neuromancer." SFRA Review #238 (February 1999): 7-17. Available through SFRA Review archives linked to; also available at least through 2006 at

A study guide for RDE's SF course at Miami University (Oxford, OH), featuring a list of Characters in the novel, an extensive "Word/Allusion List," "Rich Erlich On Plot, Story, World In Neuromancer," excerpts from the critics, a word or two on cyberpunk/pomo, especially in film, and then "Brute-Force Criticism": RDE moving through the novel, asking questions, doing close readings of small sections and trying to fit them into larger patterns—including noting additional allusions. (Maly, 27/07/02; RDE, 15/08/02)