Archer: "Legs"

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Archer: "Legs." Season 4, #3 (31 Jan. 2013), #39 in running total of episodes.[1] Bryan Fordney, credited director. Adam Reed, credit as writer, creator; uncredited as director. [2] 21 minutes.

Because of his penchant for, let's say, transgressive surgical experimentation, but also more positive motivations, Dr. Krieger offers the crippled Ray Gillette bionic legs, and a cure for his (Gillette's) impotence.[3] Ray has moral and practical qualms, until the offer of renewed potency; Krieger has none, so he had drugged Gillette just to be sure and operates, quite successfully. Making the outcome of the operation in doubt and therefore more interesting is Krieger's being assisted by a drunken Pam Pooney, with Archer trying to stop the operation — out of Archer's having taken too seriously THE TERMINATOR films and their popular-culture relatives and in fear of cyborgs and robot- and other machine-takeover. As the Archer oeuvre develops, Archer's fears are realized in at least his personal case, as cyborg Barry Dylan and other robotized humans threaten and/or betray him quite personally.

RDE, Initial Compiler, 17July17