Archer: "Motherless Child"

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Archer: "Motherless Child." Season 7, #4 (21 April 2016), #79 in running total of episodes. Adam Reed, credit as writer, creator.[1] 22 minutes..

Relevant for Barry Dylan character, a once-fully-human cyborg whose human body/overlay was burned off in an earlier episode.[2] Dylan appears wrapped in gauze in an allusion to The Invisible Man, unwrapped he looks like a grinning Terminator, the allusions — and many others — being typical of satire and part of the fun of the series.[3] The Archer wiki properly handles most of the allusions under Trivia, but the theme of the episode is Dylan's looking for his birth-mother, a relatively serious use and mocking of the trope of the robot/android's search for a parent: father in BLADE RUNNER, creator in THE QUESTOR TAPES.