Archer: Deadly Velvet

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Archer: "Deadly Velvet," Parts 1-2 season 7, numbers 9 and 10 (26 May 2016, 2 June 2016), through-numbering #84 & 85. Adam Reed, script.

Mundane" animation with SF themes. In Part 2, we get a glimpse of the containment chambers with the cyborgs Dr. Kreiger created at the end of "Liquid Lunch," episode 7.8 (19 May 2016): cyborg doppelgangers for members of what is now the Figgis [detective] Agency.[1] The cyborg double for Sterling Archer plays a crucial role in the plot of "Deadly Velvet," Part 2, being able to pass the Turing Test with ease and pass for Archer.

RDE, Initial Compiler, 17May17