Archer Dreamland: "Auflösung"

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Archer Dreamland: "Auflösung" (#8.8. Also called Archer (season 8), Archer: Dreamland. Season 8 of Archer, episode 8 (24 May 2017), episode #98 for the run of Archer. Adam Reed, director, script, series creator. Archer Dreamland is a TV animation mini-series of 8 episodes on FXX.[1]

CAUTION: "Reveal" — the Auflösung (resolution) — revealed.

The highly robotic cyborg Barry/Dutch Dylan turns out to be the central villain of the piece, revealed to having murdered Archer's partner, Woodhouse — but as just Dutch, before cyborgization by Dr. Krieger, and as an act of pretty much pure malice. Cyborg Dutch is attacked and killed by Dr. Krieger's two attack Doberman Pinschers, who have been augmented by robotic limbs (and, we may infer, associated hardware) in the same manner as Dutch and Krieger's cat. The dogs in their turn are killed by Mother's thug Zerk, a combination of Frankenstein's Creature[2] and a Golem.[3]

Somewhat more serious CAUTION: Even fans of noir may find this episode upsetting, especially the killing of the dogs.[4] It is not for young children.

RDE, Initial Compiler, 25May17