Archer Dreamland: "Grammercy, Halberd!"

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Archer Dreamland: "“Grammercy, Halberd!”. Also called Archer (season 8), “Grammercy, Halberd!”. Season 8 of Archer, episode 7 (17 May 2017), episode #92 for the run of Archer. Adam Reed, director, script, series creator.[1] Archer Dreamland is a TV mini-series of 8 episodes on FXX.

Significant here for "cyborg psycho Dutch Dylan"[2] — the incarnation of Barry from the earlier Archer series — with an actual halberd, chasing, and tentatively catching, Archer and others as they escape in a car. Dutch uses the halberd as T-1000 uses his/its liquid -metal claws in a chase in TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, except for more time in Dutch's case.[3]

RDE, Initial Compiler, 19May17