Archer Dreamland: "Sleepers Wake"

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Archer Dreamland: "Sleepers Wake". Also called Archer (season 8), Archer: Dreamland. Season 8 of Archer, episode 5 (3 May 2017), episode #90 for the run of Archer. Adam Reed, director, script, series creator. Archer Dreamland is a TV mini-series of 8 episodes on FXX.

See for return of "cyborg" cat (a cat with robotic prosthetic limbs) and more development of Barry/Dutch: a man with robotic prosthetic limbs and the single-mindedness of a Terminator. The episode features Barry/Dutch in a "Terminator/The Wild One mash-up" with "a little Pee-wee’s Big Adventure in there, too, at the end."[1] Barry/Dutch arrives naked at a remote biker bar and demands clothes, parallel to the Terminator in THE TERMINATOR; unlike the elegant ultimate macho move of the Terminator's ripping out the heart of a punk, however, Barry/Dutch fights and quickly defeats the bikers.


Dutch/Barry threatening Dr. Krieger <>.

Dutch/Barry confronted by biker <>.

RDE, Initial Compiler, 3-4May17