Augie (short story)

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Zebrowski, George. "Augie." Analog January 2001. Coll. Swift Thoughts. Urbana, IL: Golden Gryphon Press (limited run), 2002. For translation into German and publication in Auf der Straße nach Oodnadatta see Internet Speculative Fiction Database, as of August 2023, here.[1]

Swift Thoughts reviewed by Fill Dynes, SFRA Review #258 (May-June 2002): 2021, listed but not available even to an SFRA member, as of August 2023, here.[2]

Criticizing the collection for its paucity of women, Dynes notes one of two "prominent female characters in the collection is Mira of "Augie," who is losing her relationship with the AI she has raised from infancy" (Dynes p. 21).

So see for AI, and cf. and contrast When HARLIE Was One.

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