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BACK TO THE FUTURE. Robert Zemeckis, dir. Steven Spielberg et al., exec. prod. USA: Amblin (prod.) / Universal (dist.), 1985. BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III (1990). Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, stars.

The time machine in the BTF series is a highly souped up De Lorean sports car that undergoes modifications in different times. At the end of Part 3, the De Lorean is destroyed, but Christopher Lloyd's time-travelling scientist shows up in a hyper-souped-up locomotive from 1885 and our future. Part 1 is discussed by V. Sobchack in Screening Space (see Sobchack's Index for Chapter 4).[1]

Mentioned as steampunk — we assume Part III[2] — by Bruce A. Beatie in his review of "The Light Ages" in SFRA Review #265 (July-Sept. 2003): 17.[3]

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