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BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED. Matthew Robbins, dir. USA: Amblin / Universal: 1987. Steven Spielberg et al., exec. prod. Industrial Light & Magic, SpFx. Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, stars. Novel or novellization advertised from Berkley Books.

Note small, somewhat bug-like machines that finally turn up in an impressive but unthreatening swarm. The most sentimentalized of the infant machines is both a mechanical ladybug and a visual pun on the Volkswagen "Bug"; the adult machines are crab-like flying saucers occupying the structural position of helpful elves and animals in folklore. Cf. and contrast the threatening small machines in RUNAWAY, the flying saucer in LIQUID SKY (both cited under Drama), and S. Lem's "synsects" in "Upside-Down Evolution" and INVINCIBLE (cited under Fiction).