BRAVE NEW WORLD (television movie)

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BRAVE NEW WORLD. Burt Brinckerhoff, dir. USA: Universal, 1980. Made for TV; first shown, NBC, 7 March 1980.

Closely follows A. Huxley novel (q.v. under Fiction), but with less emphasis on "bottles" and conditioning. Originally planned as a miniseries, so the version shown on 7 March 1980 may lack important footage. For a description of the version made for two 120-min. episodes, see film title in Naha, Science Fictionary.

Note also an 87-minute TV movie of BRAVE NEW WORLD from 1998, dir. Leslie Libman and Larry Williams, starring Peter Gallagher and Leonard Nimoy,[1] and the announcement as of June 2015 of a production "in development" to be produced by Michael Costigan, George DiCaprio, Leonard DiCaprio, and Ridley Scott.[2] As of May 2015, at least one other BNW project was rumored.[3]