Babylon 5: "Infection"

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"Infection" episode, Babylon 5 season 1, #1 ("101" in Cinefantastique numbering); season 1, episode 4 on IMDb. 16 Feb. 1994.[1]

Covered briefly in Frank Garcia's "Babylon 5 Episode Guide," Cinefantastique 31.12/Vol. 32 No. 1 (June 2000): 35-36. See Babylon 5 entry for link to locations on line where the relevant Cinefantastique issues are likely to be archived. In the summary in Cinefantastique: "Dr. Vance Hendricks [...] smuggles a 1,000 year-old bio-tech device from a dead world past the station's bio-hazards safeties. The device turns Nelson Drake [...] into a bio-mechanical nightmare determined to ethnically cleanse Babylon 5, and Sinclair is forced to reason with it in order to save the station" (p. 35). See for motif of the biomechanical;[2] for arguing with a deadly device, cf. and contrast philosophical argument with a computer-bomb with delusions of godhead in the somewhat dark comedy DARK STAR.[3]

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