Babylon 5: "War Without End" (Pt. 1)

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Babylon 5: "War Without End" (Pt. 1). Season 3, episode 16 (16 May 1996 [Cinefantastique] / 13 May 1996 [Fandom and IMDb]).[1][2]

Covered briefly in Frank Garcia's "Babylon 5 Episode Guide," Cinefantastique 31.12/Vol. 32 No. 1 (June 2000): 82. See Babylon 5 entry for link to locations on line where the relevant Cinefantastique issues are likely to be archived. See for "using the Great Machine's energies" to open "a temporal rift" to send a ship six years back in time (quoting the Cinefantastique entry; see Fandom entry at link).[3]

The Great Machine is also in "Babylon 5: "Voices of Authority"," which see.

Part 2 is episode 17 of the third season (20/23 May 1996).[4]

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