Bob's Burgers: "Some Like It Bot"

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Bob's Burgers: "Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner", "Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day." Running number 237 and 238, season 12, episodes 21 and 22, 15 and 22 May 2022. Simon Chong, director, part 1; Loren Bouchard & Nora Smith, script, part 1.[1] Ryan Mattos, director, part 2; Loren Bouchard, Jim Dauterive, and Nora Smith, script. [2] Fox-TV.

The main title alludes to SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959).[3] Combining the IMDb entry with the one on the Bob's Bergers Fandom wiki, the plot for Part 1 can be given as (with IMDb correction), "When Tina's new shirt is ridiculed by [... Tammy Larsen] and Jocelyn in a Wagstaff [High School] News segment called 'Wow or Weird,' she turns to her erotic friend-fiction and writes about a futuristic world in which she is a robot."[4][5] The future dystopian world, as implied by the episode subtitle, is a parody of BLADE RUNNER. Part of the fun for people who've seriously discussed BLADE RUNNER is that the film's logic is improved upon in that the robots of Bob's Bergers are mostly robotic and are not killed when in trouble but recycled, with their memories wiped. Note that the news segment is on in-school TV and features a large and expensive touch-screen.

Part 2's subtitle obliquely parodies that of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY, but the episode does not allude to the Terminator series but to judgment: the relatively minor, everyday judgments we humans make about one another and often use to hurt one another (as Tina and Bob are hurt in these episodes). The question in the episode involves living with vs. a kind of wiping (out) of the memories of such slights, which question is related in the primary-world of Bob's restaurant and Wagstaff High to the large touch-screen, which serves as its objective correlative (to appropriate and repurpose a term from T. S. Eliot). Tina sneaks into school and could — though it would get her into trouble — smash the touchscreen with a hammer. Tammy Larsen declines to rat out Tina to Yuli,[6] acting as security guard, and Tina accepts the argument of her family to reject Luddite screen-smashing. In the secondary world of the robots of Tina's fiction, robot-Tina uses the claw portion of a claw-hammer to open the memory-wiping device and — we get nothing explicit on what she does — the robots end the show dancing.

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