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Clarke, Richard A. Breakpoint. New York: Putnam, 2007. {Hardcover: 320 pages / Publisher: Putnam Adult (January 16, 2007) Language: English / ISBN-10: 0399153780 / ISBN-13: info.}. Also on CD: Read by Robertson Dean. New York: Penguin Audio, 2007. Approximately 8 hours. ISBN 13: 987-0-14-305912-7*.

Breakpoint is by the Richard A. Clarke, the national security expert and author of Against All Enemies and The Scorpion's Gate.

Near-future techno-thriller with touches of cleaned-up Cyberpunk—physically cleaner, and less sex and violence and political betrayal—with a world of nanotechnology, post-human theorizing, internet dependence, implants, high-tech military, hacking. Explicit reference to "the human/machine interface" and to Starship Troopers with exoskelletons on Marines, and to other classic SF stories and films. Afterword by author indicates that, unlike Scorpion's Gate, this novel is meant to be predictive, and, in many respects, is descriptive of current technology or technology in development.

3. FICTION, RDE, 20/X/07, 23/IV/08