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CAPTAIN MARVEL. Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck: directors; scriptwriters, with Geneva Robertson-Dworet; story, with Nicole Perlman, Meg LeFauve, and Geneva Robertson-Dworet.[1] Andy Nicholson, production design. USA: Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, Animal Logic (Australia) (production) / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (distribution USA and most of Earth), 2019.

NOTE: This is not the Captain Marvel (a k a "Shazam") from Fawcett and then DC Comics, the super-hero form of Billy Batson.[2]

Relevant here for imagery associated with "the Supreme Intelligence, an organic artificial intelligence who acts as the ruler of the Kree,"[3] a technologically-advanced human(oid) species itself associated with a Wonder City of the Future heavy on hexagons.[4] In interacting with the Supreme Intelligence, the future Captain Marvel, Vers, is first covered with upward-advancing plant-like tendrils and then, apparently, lightly penetrated by them, as if they were upward-growing roots covering the body and sinking in root hairs. The overall effect has AI deeply entering and interacting with a human(oid) mind, with the AI imaged as a kind of elegant cybernetic kudzu, with the vegetative overcoming the animal. This can serve as an objective correlative for the conflict raised in the dialog between intellect and emotion, or just taken as a Neat! image. The AI Supreme Intelligence itself is seen by Vers's/Captain Marvel as a powerful and attractive middle-age women, the image of a humanoid woman who appears in the pink flesh and blue blood — that's literal blue blood — at other times and places in the film. Other technology serves in the plot and for spectacle but doesn't seem of thematic importance in this Origin story for Captain Marvel.

RDE, Initial Compiler, 10Mar19