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CHICKEN LITTLE. Mark Dindal, dir., two voices. Steve Benich, Ron J. Friedman, et al., script. USA: Walt Disney (prod.) / Buena Vista (dist.), 2005. David Womersley, prod. design. Mac George, art dir. Matsune Suzuki, visual development.

Relevant for images of the robot carriers (as it turns out) of alien invaders/visitors as a combination of the tripods (which echo the Martians) from The War of the Worlds, giant heads from THE WIZARD OF OZ and INVADERS FROM MARS (1953), plus mechanized insects/squids (cf. sentinels in THE MATRIX series). The scenes inside the alien spacecraft are interesting for threatening containment in a family film by DisneyCorp. The actual aliens turn out to be cute versions—especially in child (larval?) form—of creatures like Troll dolls, but with three eyes. CAUTION: The SF parts may be too scary for young children, and the film is arguably sexist in its final restriction of gender roles with Abby Mallard and, more so if one doesn't listen very carefully, Foxy Loxy. See "External Reviews" on IMDb for other problems. (RDE, 20/11/05)