CLOCKWORK GIRL, THE by O'Reilly and Hanna

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Clockwork Girl, The. "Written and Created by" Sean O'Reilly and Kevin Hanna. Mike Thomas, Grant Bond, Karen Krinbrink, Mirana Reveier, and Kevin Hanna, art. "Letters by" Shawn DePasquale. Emma Waddell, graphic design. New York: Harper Design, 2011 ("An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers").

Graphic novel bringing together "a series of five comic books" and embodying a story told "in over two hundred meetings" and eventually made into a short film[1] (q.v. under Drama [[2]]). Romeo and Juliet with Juliet a cute robot with a wind-up key — named, significantly, Tesla (from Nikola Tesla [14]) — and Romeo a mutant "wolfkid" boy with fangs (57), named Huxley (from the Huxley family: students of matters biological). Tesla's «birth» however, is in the Frankensteinian mode (15), and she is described as "A living machine!" (28) and calls her Tinkerer creator "Father." The family feud is presented in terms of the mechanical vs. the biological (with the boy's creator called "Dad" by the boy and named "Dendrus" [cf. "dendrite," from Greek dendron 'tree']). See also for mildly threatening robots. CAUTION: Less of a kids book than it may look and probably isn't suitable for young children.