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COLOSSAL. Nacho Vigalondo, director, script. Canada, United States, Spain, South Korea: Toy Fight Productions et al. (production) / Neon (US theatrical [2017]); see IMDb at link for complex details of production and distribution.[1]

Caution: When citing, use the release date or other information to avoid confusion with other cinematic works called "Colossal."

A Kaiju ("strange beast")[2] art film where a Godzilla-like monster appearing mysteriously in city-center in Seoul is somehow the projection of a young alcoholic woman in upstate New York. The young woman hooks up with an old friend (a fairly young male), who also gets an avatar, so to speak, also in Seoul, South Korea. Significant here, the man's double is a giant robot.

COLOSSAL has a useful entry on Wikipedia[3] and is reviewed and discussed by Luiz Felipe Baute, SFRA Review #330 (Fall 2019): pp. 191-93.[4]

Cf. and definitely contrast GOJIRA TAI MEGAGOJIRA (GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA) and THE IRON GIANT, with its more sympathetic and more fully robotic robot.

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