Caper Chase

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The Simpsons: "Caper Chase." 28.19, Fox-TV (2 April 2017). Lance Kramer, dir. Jeff Westbrook, script.

Relevant here for climactic parody of EX MACHINA. The challenge is to teach female-gendered AI robots to pass as (female) students sufficiently to apply for student loans in a scam to get tax-payer money The AI robots bring the episode's plots together — one of the guest stars is Robert McKee, the screen-writing guru —by going to Yale, and resolve the plot when they turn out to be, in Homer's words, "Perfect students in every way. (beat) And that's their weakness!" Their teachers have made the robots too close to human and much too close to actual politically correct Yalies (as the current crop is satirized in the episode). Homer puts a box on his head with eyes cut out, walks around doing a horrible impression of a robot — and scandalizes the disguised robots with his "'bot-face," which they denounce as "micro-aggression," "cultural appropriation," and "Offensive! Offensive! Offensive" (etc.) and explode. (Keep watching through the credits for happy ending of sounds of Mr. Burns setting his hounds on the Whiffenpoofs; it's not relevant for the human/machine interface but funny in a sick sort of way.)

RDE, Initial Compiler, 2Apr17