Cyberpunk (survey by Andrew Butler)

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Butler, Andrew M. Cyberpunk. UK: Pocket Essentials, 2000. 95 pages. Distributed by Trafalgar Square, Box 257, North Pomfret, VT 05053, $6.95.

Reviewed by Jeff Prickman, SFRA Review #254-5 (Sept-Dec. 2001): 26-27, on whom we depend.

Ch. 1: "overview of the roots and context of the subgenre, including subsections on film noir" and discussion of the term "cyberpunk."
Ch. 2: On William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, but missing Sterling's Islands in the Net.
Ch. 3: on "The Cyberpunk Movement," but covering only authors in Sterling's Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology.
Ch. 4, "Post-Cyberpunk," Ch. 5, "Cyberpunk–Flavoured Fiction”: covers "Neal Stephenson, Greg Egan, Shariann Lewitt (but no S.N. Lewitt titles!), and Jack Womack." (Prickman, "Cyberpunk" rev. pp. 26-27)

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