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DR. NO. Young, Terence|Terence Young, dir. UK: MGM, 1962. Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, stars.

From his hideout in Jamaica, Dr. No sabotages rocket launchings; note also his inheriting the Hand of Rotwang from METROPOLIS, at about the same time as DR. STRANGELOVE.[1] First of the James Bond movies (see below GoldenEye™), a series popularizing, among other things, high-tech. gadgets used both straight and satirically—simultaneously—for an effect that is both techno-thriller and a send-up of the techno-thriller. CAUTION: Described in the "Timeout" section of The Cincinnati Post for 16 Nov. 1965 as including "blatant sexism and racism" (3).

RDE, 18/11/95, 24May20