Devo, in performance.

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Devo. In performance, through 1982. E.g., from 1975-1977, Devo Live—The Mongoloid Years. Rykodisc, RCD 20209, 1982.

Devo repeats the question of the "humanized" animals in H. G. Wells's Island of Dr. Moreau: "Are we not Men?" They answer, "We are Devo!" The animals in Dr. Moreau become less than human when they return to their animal forms; Devo's early performances—"mechanized musicians playing robot rock" (R. D. Erlich's notes)—suggest a form of devolution in presenting humans as machines. Their early style is preserved on the video recording of Saturday Night Live for 14 Oct. 1978.[1] See also version in REVENGE OF THE NERDS.[2]