Dreams of Reason: Belamy, Wells, and the Positive Utopia

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Wagar, W. Warren. "Dreams of Reason: Belamy, Wells, and the Positive Utopia." Looking Backward, 1988-1888: Essays on Edward Belamy. Daphne Patai, ed. Amherst: U of Massachusetts P, 1989.

Rev. Richard Tob Widdicombe in Extrapolation 30.4 (Winter 1989): 417-20, who finds WWW's thesis to be "that both Wells and Bellamy are scientocrats rather than utopians—and profoundly influential ones to boot, thinkers whose vision constitutes 'the dominant ideology of the governing classes of most twentieth-century nations,'" a position WWW has often argued. See this Category, entry for H. P. Segal, "Bellamy and Technology."