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FearDotCom (vt Fear.com). William Malone, dir. Moshe Diamant, story. Josephine Coyle, script. UK/Germany/Luxembourg: ApolloMedia [de], Carousel Picture Company S.A. [lu], DoRo Fiction Film GmbH [de], Fear.Com Productions Ltd. [lu], MDP Worldwide, Milagro Films [ca] (prod.) / Fear.Com Productions Ltd. [lu], MDP Worldwide (International), Warner Bros. [us] (dist.). (Source: IMDb)

Horror/SF—and S&M. From IMDb comment by Bordentownfilms: "The point of the flick […] is that a murdered woman's ghost haunts the website that broadcast her death. Now, she manipulates people to log onto the site—at which time they have 48hrs to 'play' before they die. She wants them to find her murderer […]." Discussed by Fred Topel, Cinefantastique 34.6 (Oct./Nov. 2002): 12-15. Note Fear.com for motif of "the ghost in the machine," transferred to a domestic and cybernetic environment of a PC (Personal Computer) interface. CAUTION: Cinefantastique photos and comments on IMDb indicate grisly onscreen mistreatment of women.

RDE, Title, 22Aug19

(RDE, 06/09/02)