Futurecop: The Neutralization of Revolt in BLADE RUNNER

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Fitting, Peter. "Futurecop: The Neutralization of Revolt in BLADE RUNNER." SFS #43, 14.3 (Nov. 1987): 340-54.

Extended comparison and contrast of BLADE RUNNER with the source novel, P. K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (cited under Drama and Fiction respectively)—coming down strongly in favor of Dick's novel. Finds "a fundamental contradiction at the core of the film; for in the novel . . . there was an ethical juxtaposition of the human and the mechanical, a valorization of life and the living and a rejection of the machine," which is confused in the film's sympathetic androids and the stress on their rather admirable "struggle to survive" (343). See this Category, T. Byers on "Commodity Futures."