Ghost in the Machine (album title)

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The Police. Ghost in the Machine. A&M, SP-3730, 1981.

Note esp. "Spirits in the Material World" (side 1, first cut) and "Rehumanize Yourself" (side 2, second cut). One initially reviewer from a prime demographic for the album comments that "Rehumanize Yourself" describes "a totally mechanized society in which violence has become a 'social norm'" (Jeff Callan, "Unabridged" supplement to The Miami Student [Miami University, Oxford, OH], 16 Oct. 1981: 2). As of late 2014, useful reviews are on line from Rolling Stone[1] and on Wikipedia.[2] Users of this Wiki would do well to follow note that the album title comes through Arthur Koestler to the "phrase coined by the Oxford philosopher Gilbert Ryle to describe the Cartesian dualist account of the mind–body relationship."[3]