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HER. Spike Jonze, dir., script, one of three producers. K. K. Barrett, prod. design. USA: Annapurna Pictures (prod.) / Warner Bros. (US dist.), 2013.

Near-future SF, presenting a somber romantic comedy looking at male/female relationships, centering upon a man’s relationship with the female-gendered AI operating system for his computer and iPhone-analog device. Competently summarized on IMDb[1]. Relevant here for the possibility of love between embodied humans and disembodied AI, and the probability of human disappointment as the AI OS’s evolve toward relationships with one another and outgrow (?) humans in particular and the material universe more generally. See also for visualization of a highly plausible near-future world — primarily Los Angeles — and its technology from video games to (love)-letter-writing services, to (finally!) high-speed rail serving California. Cf. and contrast S1M0NE (2002)[2] and such human/robot love stories as Lester del Ray's "Helen O'Loy" (1938) and its successors[3].CAUTION: If “We need to talk about our relationship” is your idea of the seven scariest words you’re likely to hear for a while, this may not be a good date movie for you: HER provokes such conversations.

Cf. and contrast also the 2019 film JEXI.

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