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Williams, Walter Jon. HardWired. 1986. New York: TOR, 1987.

Hardcore cyberpunk (see under Literary Criticism, L. McCaffery, guest ed., MR47/48).[[1]] See for Sarah, the hardwired urban tough, and for Cowboy, the harder-wired, high-tech, rural smuggler and warrior. Excellent work for the man-machine interface, woman as cyborgized assassin, and ambivalence felt by a man preserved as computer program who really wants out of the machine and into a body, but still manages to have cybernetic fun—and help his world. Perhaps even more than the older hands in the cyberpunk circle, WJW presents a dystopia reflecting real qualms about a postmodern world and posthuman(ist) human beings. Rev. Michael A. Morrison in FR #93, 9.7 (July-Aug. 1986): 37.