In a Conning Tower

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Arnold-Forster, Hugh Oakeley. In a Conning Tower: Or How I took the H.M.S. "Majestic" Into Action. Murray's Magazine 1888. Book form London: Cassell & Co., 1891. UK: Sharpe Books, 2020. On cover of Sharpe Kindle edition, "An Account of Ironclad Warfare."[1]

A future-war story,[2] so necessarily fiction, but according to I. F. Clarke in Voices Prophesying War an apolitical, non-propaganda attempt by a future UK Secretary of State for War to give, in the words of the author, "'a faithful idea of the possible course of an action between two modern ironclads availing themselves of all the weapons of offence and defense which an armored ship at present day possesses,'" and, in Clarke's words, "a simple exercise of the imagination," or, in our words, a kind of military thought-experiment (Clarke, ch. 3, p. 58).

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