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JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS. John A. Davis, dir., co-author of story, one of three producers. Steve Oederek, co-author, one of four on script, one of three prod. John A. Davis, one of four on script, one of three prod. USA: Nichelodeon Movies and O Entertainment (prod.) / Paramount (US dist.), 2002.[1][2]

Animated (with a 3D look), children's film relevant here for a version of Klingon Birds-of-Prey (from Star Trek) as chicken-shaped space craft, mindcontrol helmets, and villains that are egg-like glop inside high-tech shells, for the superimposition of the technological upon the ovoid (and maybe a sight gag on "egg-head" and the tradition of threatening isolated heads, e.g., in INVADERS FROM MARS and THE WIZARD OF OZ [1939]).[3] The protagonists' spacecraft are cobbled together from carnival rides and colorfully contrast with the ships of the evil aliens. CAUTION (or ATTRACTION, depending on parental politics): The film teaches children that, with cops the only exception, strangers are not to be talked to — not even intergalactic strangers trying to make First Contact. Or, esp. not strangers who are truly alien, since aliens will kidnap your parents, possess them, and try to eat them.

The TV series is titled The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, discussed in Wikipedia, as of March 2023, here.[4]