Kraftwerk, Radio-Activity

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Kraftwerk. Radio-Activity. Capital Records, 1975. CEMA Special Markets, S41 / 57642, 1992.

In German and English. CEMA audio-cassette reissue lists contents as "Geiger Counter," "Radioactivity," "Radioland," "Airwaves," "News," "The Voice of Energy, "Antenna," "Radio Stars," "Uranium," and "Ohm Sweet Ohm." CEMA cover shows the front of an oldfashioned radio with "Radio-Activity" written between the knobs on the bottom and Kraftwerk—"power station," with possible puns—at the top. Note oldfashioned radios and geiger counters as technologically liminal: electromechanical devices that turn into sound electromagnetic and atomic energy. The music tends toward the electronic, and for "special markets" of aspirants for the cutting edge (Erlich got the cassette at a cut-out bin in a Super-X pharmacy).