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LOGAN (vt LOGAN: THE WOLVERINE). James Mangold, dir. story, co-script with Scott Frank and Michael Green; see IMDb for X-Men characters.[1] Languages: English and Spanish. USA: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment et al. (prod.) / 20th Century Fox (US dist. and most of the world), 2017.[2] François Audouy, production design.

Near-future SF-inflected noir film in the tradition of the serious graphic novel, significant here for one scene and a prop. The scene visually juxtaposes and contrasts threatening automated trucks ("lorries" in British usage) and horses, foreshadowed by a brief scene featuring the young female lead stubbornly staying on mid-20th-century mechanical toy horse. The motif is The Hand of Rotwang[3] as passed down by THE TERMINATOR movies: the military-type of the two major villains in the film has a prosthetic hand and lower arm explicitly of the Terminator variety.

CAUTION: The "R" rating is appropriate; this is an excellent film for young adults and older teens seeing it with grownups; it is not a movie for children.

RDE, 04/III/17