MR47/48, Larry McCaffery, guest ed.

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Larry, guest ed. Mississippi Review #47 and #48, 16.2 & 3 (1988).

MR47/48, the cyberpunk special issue of MR, publishes for the first time or rpts. fiction and criticism important for the study of the cyberpunk movement (perhaps the major form of postmodernism in SF). Items cited in the List or otherwise relevant follow.

Fiction: M. Leyner, "I Was an Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot"; W. Gibson, "The Smoke" (from WG's Mona Lisa Overdrive, q.v.); D. Porush, "Induction from R.Boots" (sic: no space); R. Rucker, "Christmas in Louisville December 24, 2030" (from RR's Wetware, q.v.); B. Sterling, "20 evocations" (sic: lowercase "e"); J. Shirley, "Wolves of the Plateau"; T. Maddox, "In a Distant Landscape"; R. Astel, "The History of the War Against the Mend-and-Repair." Interview: LM, "An Interview with William Gibson."

Literary Criticism: LM, "The Desert of the Real: The Cyberpunk Controversy"; "Cyberpunk Forum/Symposium"; Harold Jaffe, "Foucault the Cyberpunks" (poem); T. Maddox, "The War of the Coin's Two Halves: Bruce Sterling's Mechanist/Shaper Narratives"; I. Csicsery-Ronay, "Cyberpunk and Neuromanticism"; G. Slusser, "Literary MTV."

Drama Criticism: B. Landon, "Bet On It: Cyber/ video/ punk/ performance." Music: R. Rucker, "Raising the Level"; Pascal J. Thomas, "Cyberpunk as roots music: an observation" (sic: only one uppercase letter).