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Max Headroom. American version of series, from ABC, premiered with "Blipverts" episode, 31 March 1987. Peter Wagg, exec. prod. Matt Frewer (Edison Carter and Max Headroom), Amanda Pays (Theora Jones), stars.

Headroom moves on in USA from a host on Cinemax cable TV service to Coca-Cola commercials to his own show (and then oblivion). "Blipverts" episode gives American genesis of Max Headroom, same as in British series, "20 Minutes into the Future." (See Harry F. Waters's "Max Goes Mainstream," Newsweek 6 April 1987: 55.) See in this Category, The Max Headroom Show. If Max Headroom is the epitome of the postmodern character, it may be significant that Max Headroom lasted for so short a time on TV, not making it past 1988.

Discussed by Brooks Landon in "Max Headroom: Quintessential cyberpunk, it's one of the most original shows on television," Cinefantastique 18.1 (December 1987): 29, 58. As of 30 March 2023, available on Internet Archive, here.[1] Hardcopy may be consulted under tight restrictions at/via Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Margaret Herrick Library.[2]

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