ROBOCOP (1987)

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ROBOCOP. Paul Verhoeven, dir. USA: Jon Davison (prod.) / Orion (release), 1987. Jon Davison, exec. prod. Rob Bottin, RoboCop design. Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, stars.

Violent but sensitive film — and influential and much-discussed — about a good cop made into a cyborg policeman: the product of a large and nasty corporation. See also for less humanoid but infantile robot opposing RoboCop. Novelization by Ed Naha, q.v. under Fiction. Rev. L. Morley (see under Film Criticism). See ROBOCOP (2014) for remake.

Parodied, among other places, in the first flashback story, told by the son of the family, Gene Belcher, in the "Sliding Bob's" episode of Bob's Burgers (season 6, #1; 27 September 2015).[1]

Cover story of Cinefantastique magazine, 18.1 (December 1987), as of March 2023, available on line here.[2] Physical copies of the defunct magazine available by appointment at the Margaret Herrick Library.[3]

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