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ROBOT JOX (prod. title ROBOJOX). Stuart Gordon, dir. USA: Empire (renamed Epic) Pictures, 1990. Dennis Paoli and Joe Haldeman, script.

Robots like giant transformer toys represent the US and Soviet blocs and fight against one another. See Dennis Fischer, "The Amazing Special Effects of ROBOJOX," Cinefantastique 10.1 & 2 (double issue, Jan. 1989): 6-11, and Steve Biodrowski's short, and negative, rev. of ROBOT JOX in Cinefantastique 21.4 (Feb. 1991): 53. Note transformation as a popular motif in the early 1990s, most spectacularly in TERMINATOR 2, q.v. below, reaching a kind of negative apotheosis in the TRANSFORMER films of the early 21st c.