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SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION. Andrew Stevens, dir., prod., and a featured player Roger Corman, exec. prod. USA: Royal Oaks Entertainment / Concorde-New Horizons (copyright holder), 1995. Made for TV: Showtime, Roger Corman Presents, August 1995. Ian Ziering, Katherine Kelly Lang, Dee Wallace Stone, featured. **+Present-day Las Vegas setting for a corrupt company trying to control the computer software market with game programs (with names like "Mouse Maze," "Radical Rat," and "Rat Trap") that subliminally seduce the computer user into doing what the firm wants. Significant for a schlock TV film by the highly sophisticated Roger Corman featuring a low-key, relatively low-tech imaging of takeover of people's minds by their user-friendly personal computers. CAUTION: Some sex and sexism.