Soldier: Jerry Weintraub's sensitive space Western

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Wagner, Chuck. "Soldier: Jerry Weintraub's sensitive space Western" (sic on capitalization; this is the main article, with different subtitles, as indicated, for continuations). Cinefantastique 30.9/10 (Nov. 1998): [10]-15.

See main article for premise (10) and for discussion of the design for the ruins of a spaceship: "The idea was to make it very mythic, like Stonehenge. We called it 'Steel-henge.' We made it like whalebone. It's like a beached ship that's had everything stripped from it" (11). See also "[…] Constructing the Future" (sic on capitalization), for "Bladerunner's [sic] David Snyder on sci-fi design," including wastelands both of desolation and cyberpunk clutter (15). (RDE, 15/07/06)