Star Trek: Voyager®, "Scorpion, Part I"

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"Scorpion, Part I." Star Trek: Voyager®, Episode 3.36, production 168, 21 May 1997. David Livingston, dir. Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky, script. Videographic information and synopsis from [1].

Features a biological entity (Species 8472) that can bring down the bio-cybernetic Borg (a major threat in the Trekkian universe) and their powerful cube ships. Note conflict between Species 8472's "bio-ships" and Borg cubes, and the use of Borg "nanoprobes." More fully — On the basis of his study of the Borg corpse in the "Unity" episode, The Doctor discovers that Borg assimilation is effected by the injection of "nanoprobes," which the Doctor believes can be slowed down through an enhanced immune response. Voyager discovers badly damaged Borg cubes, and an away-team "find dead and dying Borg" on one, "as well as an opening into an organic vessel . . . that had destroyed the Borg. The Borg database shows that the Borg have been hunted by species 8472, which they are unable to assimilate. . . . The Doctor figures [out] a way to reconfigure Borg nanoprobes so that they can assimilate 8472." Capt. Janeway resolves to trade this knowledge to the Borg in exchange for safe passage. Episode ends with Janeway "inside a Borg cube, which is racing away from species 8472 with Voyager in tow." Also features scenes of Janeway on the holodeck with Leonardo da Vinci (played by John Rhys-Davies). From Anna Kaplan, "Voyager Episode Guide," Cinefantastique 29.6/7 (Nov. 1997): 113, our source here, and whom we quote.

See "Scorpion, Part II."