Star Trek: Voyager®, "The Gift"

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"The Gift." Star Trek: Voyager®. Episode 4.2, production 170, 10 September 1997. Anson Williams, dir. Joe Menosky, script. Videographic information and synopsis from the web[1] and Cinefantastique 30.9/10 (Nov. 1998): 77.

"Investigating the former drone's past, [Captain] Janeway learns that she was assimilated as a young girl named Annika Hansen. With her human physiology already reasserting itself, Seven of Nine's immune system begins rejecting her Borg implants, leaving the Doctor no choice but to remove them" ( Kes's "telekinetic powers" increase and "She is able to dissolve an implant deep in Seven's brain." Kes having problems controlling her powers, she leaves Voyager, but with the gift of "moving them 9.5 thousand years closer to Alpha Quadrant" and home "and out of Borg territory. The very beautiful Seven now appearing more human than Borg" (Cinefantastique). For a collection of Borg images, see this site[2].